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  • The Specialist in New and Used Ambulances

    Ambulances equipped, practical and at an affordable price. Find your vehicle quickly. Know more

  • New vehicles, Nissan NV400 / Renault Master

    Direct Ambulance always offers you more choice with the Nissan NV400 / Renault Master Know more

  • Simple, Reliable and Adapted

    Save time! For every event you can give the right service, so that you are quicker on the spot... Watch the vehicle

  • New Video

    Discover our new video spot shot in Andorra, models Renault, Nissan, VW, Opel...Watch video

  • Comfortable and well-lit Ambulance

    Very well lit, so that the patient has a visibility that no other ambulance has offered until now... Watch the vehicle

  • Ready to go out with confidence?

    A modern and dependable Ambulance which will be of service to you in every eventuality.

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Direct Ambulance has specialised in building ambulances for more than 16 years. In 2013 the company has achieved a fresh impulse with a new owner ... Know more

Our know-how

  • Dismantling the cab, grille and tank.

  • Installation of insulation, cell fixing points, seat deck.

  • Installation of electrical beam.

  • Installation of air conditioning.

  • Cell assembly.

  • Accessories (lighting, ventilation, buzzer, air conditioning control deck, signalling controls, sliding windows, O² cylinder holder, ramps, rotating lights, flashers, suspension).

  • Finish and Markings.

  • Identification and cleaning.

  • Quality control.

Our new vehicles

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